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Model 10 Bracelet - B

Sale price$ 2,565.00

It's been almost 25 years since the concept for this bracelet and clasp was created. The first one took a year to make - it was the tenth bracelet I had made and by all measure the best. Surely the best bracelet I had seen. Gradually, the Model 10 would become a marquee design of GOOD ART. Not just a staple of the brand, but our standard of exceptional quality in design and construction. Made in small quantities, entirely by hand in our Los Angeles Foundry, production of the Model 10 ceased for three years while I complained about counterfeits and figured out how to out-create the hijackers of my work.

I remember my excitement finishing the first Model 10. And then after a couple of years, getting better at what I do, I got some ideas on how to improve things. Version 2 brought a few upgrades and improvements that I couldn't see as my earlier self. A few more years and my viewpoints shifted again, as they do, and Version 3 was necessary. This time, I changed the shape of the connection points between the clasp and chain, as well as a few tweaks to how we build the piece. V3 was truly the bee's knees. The new best... until it wasn't.

I skipped art school and spent decades making stuff, stubbornly arguing only with myself. I've learned to trust my viewpoint despite external inputs. You could say I'm the opposite of complacent, something much closer to obsessive in the pursuit of my version of perfection. And still, there's always a particular point where I have to stop looking at what to improve and see the perfection achieved. That's the moment I put the brush down so to speak.

I always (eventually) arrive at a point where I can say a piece is done. It's got to be good enough by my standard to share with others. As we release this fourth version, I'm reminded of how each previous version of this bracelet hit that mark of perfection. And yet, overtime, I've still been able to find areas in which to improve. Part shift in viewpoint, par a level up in ability. Needless to say, this one is the actual bee's knees, I promise... until it isn't.

Important note; When sizing, measure your wrist with a soft measuring tape down low and snug, not tight. Thats the number. Please fight the temptation to measure other things, especially other bracelets... just the wrist, that's all we need.

Sterling silver. Made by hand in our foundry in Los Angeles

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