Repairs, Returns and Warranty



Unlike many things made these days, at GOOD ART HLYWD our goods are made to be used & built to last. However, if in the course of your enjoyment you mangle, damage or otherwise yield inoperable your prized possession, we can fix it. And if by some rare chance we can’t, we can make you a new one.

Just how you wouldn’t send your Benz to the Harley shop for fixing, please give us first crack at any repairs or alterations on your ill-performing GOOD ART HLYWD item. Your local jeweler, no matter how experienced, will not be able to repair or refinish your piece the way we can, promise. Things wear out, get tired, springs lose their spring, settings lose their stones, and all these things are part of the enjoyment of ownership. Chances are your GOOD ART piece will perform much better than the last thing you purchased for the same amount of money. The cost for repairs is based on the time it takes and the materials needed. We’ll give you an estimate before starting any work. Shipping and insurance to our offices are your responsibility, return shipping is on us. Please write to REPAIRS@GOODART.COM to make arrangements or if you have any questions.


Due to the nature of our business, GOOD ART HLYWD, Inc. does not accept returns, all sales are final. Any exception to this policy is at our sole discretion. Should you feel you have a good reason for returning any item please write to SALES@GOODART.COM. Be sure to include the date and location of your purchase, your phone number and e-mail contact data. We’ll let you know what we think and what can be done to help.


Within the first year and at our discretion, GOOD ART HLYWD, Inc. will repair or replace any product found to be defective due to a defect in manufacturing. Proof of purchase and date are required. If the same item is not available we will find a suitable replacement. Any repairs needed and not deemed by GOOD ART HLYWD, Inc. to be a defect in manufacturing will be done for a fee. The fee is based on the cost of materials plus labor and will be quoted prior to beginning any work or incurring any charges. In either case, shipping and insurance to our offices is on you, return postage will be covered by us. Please feel free to write to REPAIRS@GOODART.COM if you have any questions. Be sure to include the date and location of your purchase, your phone number and e-mail contact data.