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Fakes & Counterfeits

Public Statement

Please forgive this awkward notice and the language used, this is an ugly topic. My name is Josh Warner, and I founded GOOD ART HLYWD in Los Angeles, California, USA in 1990. I am aware that a businessman named Yul Gao from Mainland China is claiming to be a retailer authorized by me and selling goods claimed to be from me and bearing the GOOD ART HLYWD trademarks, logos and designs. Consumers and the trade should be aware of the following:

Authentic, authorized GOOD ART HLYWD products are only available in China from three sources — our two Stockists; Vinavast and Black Riot in Hong Kong and Vinavast in Macao. If you buy from any other source in China, you are getting fakes, unauthorized goods or who knows what. I currently have not authorized any retailers (including but not limited to Yul Gao, Del Geng and Beijing Tianbeisanhao Trading Co., Ltd.) in mainland China to sell GOOD ART HLYWD goods. For authorized sellers and details, please see our Stockists page on the GOOD ART HLYWD website.

If you purchase from anyone other than our authorized Stockists or from our Official Online Shop, we cannot guarantee the goods are authentic, first quality or authorized pieces, and will not be able to warranty or repair them.

Regarding authentication: If you send us a piece for authentication, repair, or any other reason and we determine the piece to be counterfeit or fake and bearing or resembling our intellectual property and / or marks we will keep the piece. To be clear. If you send us a fake, we will not send it back. 

I reserve the right to pursue all legal remedies according to the law against any false or misleading commercial publicity that claims to be a dealer authorized by me.

I hope consumers and the trade in China understand the situation, make rational judgments, and do not believe false or misleading commercial publicity from any third parties claiming to sell authentic, authorized GOOD ART HLYWD jewelry and goods. To avoid purchasing fakes, counterfeits, etc., we urge you to buy only from our authorizedStockists or from our Official Online Shop.  Please feel free to write to us with any questions.

Thank you for 30+ years of love and support,

Josh Warner

Date: 07/22/2023




我是Josh Warner, 我在1990年于美国加州洛杉矶创办了GOOD ART HLYWD, 很遗憾必须发表以下声明。

近期发现来自中国的不肖商人 高宇 宣称自己为我的授权经销商,对外销售号称来源合法、由我公司生产并且使用GOOD ART HLYWD商标、形象标志与设计的产品。


中国境内合法授权的美国GOOD ART HLYWD正品仅由 Vinavast香港门市,Black Riot香港门市,以及Vinavast澳门门市销售,除此之外的所有来源(包含且不限于 高宇、耿然、北京天北三号商贸有限公司)之商品均为未经授权的假冒及仿冒产品。


同时,我希望中国消费者和相关业界了解情况,理性判断,不要相信任何第三方声称销售美国GOOD ART HLYWD正品的虚假或误导性商业宣传,仅在GOOD ART HLYWD官方网站(www.goodart.com上所列出的授权商店消费,以避免购买到假冒或仿冒产品。

更多关于授权门市的详细资讯请参考GOOD ART HLYWD官方网站的Stockists页面。如有任何问题,请随时通过Contact与我们联络。


Josh Warner