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Nixon Ring | Just The Tip

Sale price$ 2,170.00

Sometimes that’s all you need. And if you were just after a ring and don’t have time for jokes, keep walking because this thing is just straight funny. As with all things Good Art, there’s more than initially meets the eye. Even the construction is exceptional, beginning with the gold nugget of the tip. It’s basically a serrated rosette shape with barbs. We finish that piece to just before polishing and then cast the gold in place creating a mechanical bond between the two distinct pieces and different metals. The polishing and finishing continues as a normal after that, as a single piece. If you look closely you can see the connection and follow the zigzagging line of different metals.

It’s nice to know that even something as simple as ring had that much thought put into the construction... just to get a particular look. Hope you take a particular look yourself at this one. And if this is the one that whispers to you, give us a holler.

Sterling silver and 22K gold. Made by hand in our foundry in Los Angeles.

Nixon Ring | Just The Tip
Nixon Ring | Just The Tip Sale price$ 2,170.00