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Good Art x Rivet & Hide Hospitality Pendant - Small

Sale price$ 415.00

A dose of Hospitality.

I always consider the journey our pieces will make; the life they'll have when they leave our Foundry. I imagine them creating good effects with all the possibilities of inspiring wonder and smiles.

It was our friends at Rivet & Hide who first shared with me that the pineapple represents hospitality. The regal fruit is a symbol born of the difficulty of early trade routes and bringing the fruits to new lands. As such, it was a great honor for your host to share one. The feeling your host is sharing something special with you is exactly what you get when you step inside a Rivet & Hide store. Located in London and Manchester, please have a look at the selection of GOOD ART these gracious hosts have curated. Grab one of the two sizes of Hospitality Pendant, available only at Rivet & Hide and GOOD ART HLYWD.

The large size comes with a shovel. Sterling silver. Made by hand in our Foundry in Los Angeles, Calif.