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B & T Bracelet - B

Sale price$ 2,095.00
Here’s our version of the classic Box & Tongue, so called as the two parts of the clasp resemble a tongue that slides into a box. The links are basically a lower profile version of our Model 10 curb links so you know they flow. But the real magic is in this beautiful mechanism. Construction is entirely by hand and fine tuned with file and experience. The tongue is folded and hand-sprung. And as for the safety, well we don’t need one because our clasp works as promised.

Press firmly on the trigger bar and at full compression slide your thumb away from the box, separating the tongue from the box. This motion takes a bit of practice and effort, but that’s to prevent accidental opening. A truly clever mechanism requiring some care and skill. Welcome to the quality of a bygone era.

Important note: This is the B size, it’s stout and chunky. The A size is usually the middle size. AA means it’s smaller, AAA smaller still. B size is bigger, C bigger and on. 

When sizing, measure your wrist in centimeters with a soft measuring tape down low and snug, not tight. That's the number. If you're in-between whole sizes, pick the next bracelet size up and we'll take it from there. Please fight the temptation to measure other things, especially other bracelets... just the wrist, that's all we need.

Sterling silver. Made by hand in our foundry in Los Angeles.
B & T Bracelet - B
B & T Bracelet - B Sale price$ 2,095.00