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Size Guide


Ring sizing is easy, especially if you go to a pro. If you can’t come see us in person, go to your local jewelry store and tell them your friend in Los Angeles is making you a ring and needs to know your size. Most jewelers are more than happy to oblige. We’re happy to make 1/4 sizes if you need. You can also print this Ring Size Guide and follow the directions accordingly. 

When measuring for a bracelet, use a soft tape measure snug and low on your wrist and give us an exact measurement. We can figure out from there what size to make your bracelet. The rule of thumb for the model 10 Bracelet has always been ‘if you can’t slip it over your hand the size is good’. It’s a piece usually worn a bit on the loose size.

For most people, 26” is about the length where you can slip a chain over your head without having to take it off. We typically make or chains in 24 and 30” lengths, but we can make any length you like. To get an idea, throw a shoelace or string around your neck and look in the mirror.