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In the early days, selling was an afterthought, everything was about making. My focus was on creating something to blow my own mind (a typical teenager dream). I knew selling a piece would feed the dragon and fund the next piece. There was a good long run where I was making jewelry in the garage, literally casting behind the house. I love the grind of sitting at the bench soldering a thousand links through the night. Jewelry making can be gritty, punishing work but every stage has its result that builds the foundation for the next. And when the piece finally reveals itself the reward is hugely fulfilling.

We live in an old church; it’s both more and less romantic than I’m sure you would imagine. A paradise in the making. Just a few steps from the garage turned studio was our couch and coffee table. No better place to show off my latest creation and share a libation. This was anything but a store, it was quite literally our living room. Now we call our store the Family Room. It’s not meant to be esoteric and I know it’s confusing, but it sets the vibe, and if you’re here you’re family - at least on some level. There’s a beautiful connection between artist and patron and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Come by the Family Room and let all this GOOD ART wash over you.