Air Force 1 customized by Good Art Hlywd.


Shoes above retail at $60,000.00


Josh Warner, Founder of Good Art Hlywd has always had an affinity for the NIKE AIR FORCE 1. It is his favorite sneaker. He loves to wear them until they can wear no more. One day he would like to be able to do an official collaboration with Nike, as his favorite pizza place Scarr’s pizza NYC has done. Those shoes were super limited and only given to friends and family of the pizza joint. Since the Air Force 1 has such a special place in his heart, Josh has decided to offer the service of customizing off the shelf Air Force 1’s for the public to be able to turn their favorite pair into a luxury pair. We will be offering up to 100 spots for consumers to either customize their favorite new pair, or have us source a pair they would like to be customized. There will be many variations to choose from in either 925 silver or 22k gold, and range in price from a basic eyelet only silver pair from $2000 – to a fully done up pair in 22k gold that can be $60,000 plus depending on the options chosen. These spots for customization will open up on September 24th. The Air Force 1 will be the only shoes we customize at this time.


For all inquires and customization purchasing info please contact and Download the Air Force 1 Customization pdf.


Shoes above retail at $7,245.00


We are selling a customization SERVICE. We are enhancing off the shelf Air Force 1’s post production. This service is in no way affiliated with Nike.
NIKE is the sole owner of the copyright for the base model AIR FORCE 1 SHOE, and the swoosh. Each custom pair of shoes are individually priced. Each pair is unique to clients specifications Prices will vary according to size, detail, style, and material chosen etc.
We do not offer refunds or exchanges, all sales on made to order shoes are final. Turnaround time is 10 - 12 weeks or less from when the shoes are received in hand at GOOD ART HLYWD. Expedited orders are available for a rush fee.