Wonder-Grip Sharpie Tip
Wonder-Grip Sharpie Tip

Wonder-Grip Sharpie Tip

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"Break more rules" is on the short list of very few advices we offer up around here. Along with "spend your money to good effects.” So if you’re after an extravagant accessory to your already chaotic artistic life, we’ve got just the thing to raise your spirits… the best of effects. I'm happy to present to you The Wonder Grip Sharpie Tip sterling silver Sharpie Pro replacement cap.

This marvel of utility & brute force is artfully engineered to provide years of faithful protection for your precious bullet tip. The signature GOOD ART Noodle at the top is the perfect spot to hang your trusty marker from around your neck or attached to your keys. Now you’ll be always at the ready for whatever beautification or informational projects may arise.

Make your mark dear friends, we’re here to pump good aesthetics into your daily life.