The Authentic Expendables Ring

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The actual and only Expendables Ring. This is the ring Sly wears in the Expendables movie, really. We know this because we designed, created and built it right here. We made the original and all the versions to follow.

If it didn’t come from us ( or an authorized reseller of GOOD ART HLYWD) then it's a fake. 

Version 1 is all sterling silver.

Version 2 is sterling with 22K gold for the teeth, propellers and dynamite. And to be clear this doesn't mean we dripped some shitty gold solder onto the piece to make it look like it’s made from gold. We use no half measures at this shop, if it looks like gold or a diamond, it most assuredly is. The gold bits on these rings are cast separately from solid 22K gold and then fused with the sterling bits. Come down and we’ll show you how.

Version 3 is sterling with 22K gold for the teeth, propellers, bomb, dynamite, large rose on the top of the skull and flames on the side of the head. Basically a souped up Version 2.

Version 4 is simply a massive gold ring. As impressive as they come in solid 22K or 18K Rose Gold. All Expendables Rings are custom made to order, and let us know fi you want your initials inside, that’s on the house. Beware of fakes, only buy an EXPENDABLES RING on this site or from an authorized GOOD ART HLYWD dealer.