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Sacred Rosette Pendant

Sale price$ 375.00

I’ve always been drawn to religious iconography. I think most of us can feel the heat that radiates from such objects. As if they absorb the might of countless souls pouring their most precious feelings and beliefs into the thing, the idea becomes more than the object itself. It’s something to behold when an object in your grip can make you feel a certain way. 

In making things that stir the religiously scented emotions, I tread lightly in the dogma dept. Here’s my interpretation of a Sacred Heart, ready for you to impart all the love you will. The latest incarnation of the Sacred Rosette is a medium weight pendant suited to the A size Ball Chain, the 4A Curb Chain and the Pequeño A Mano. 

Sterling silver. Made by hand in our foundry in Los Angeles.

Sacred Rosette Pendant
Sacred Rosette Pendant Sale price$ 375.00