Native Angelino Cuff

$ 1,525

I love my Angelino roots. And I love that 100 years ago my grandpa had a candy store less than 2 miles from my foundry, where my dad and uncle stocked the shelves as kids.

This project started as a help flow for a friend, I was asked to re-build a 25 year old Native American piece that had long past its fitness. A cool challenge. And not surprisingly it had me in a particular mindset for a while.

This cuff is the result of those mental aftershocks. I let the inspiration wash over me and the rest was academic.

On the technical side, these pieces are cast in shape and spring afterwards. And as such we’ve made four specific sizes replacing the old standard of bending your piece to (not) fit. Choose your size correctly and this will be the most comfortable cuff you’ll wear. There’s a gentle balance between convex and concave on the inside, affording the piece a very small contact patch and making it feel as though it floats above your arm. Process-wise we’re miles from the inspiration, hopefully the good good vibes remained.



Sterling Silver. Made by hand in our foundry in Los Angeles.


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