Good Art Covid Relief Mask 2.0
Good Art Covid Relief Mask 2.0
Good Art Covid Relief Mask 2.0

Good Art Covid Relief Mask 2.0

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Borrowing one from the playbook of our good friends Mike and Steve over at Ship John, we've decided to offer the masks we’ve been making, for sale. Up to now we have been including masks in orders, distributing them to frontline responders and essential workers in our area, police, postal worker, deliver personnel, grocery store staffs and the like. 

These are sewn by staff of ours who can work from home, production is limited and materials are changing as we get in what we can. They’re no works of art, nor are they pretty. But we do know that wearing masks can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives, and that's a cause we can get behind, even if the aesthetics don’t meet muster. 

One last thing, like most others not in the mask business, but trying to simultaneously help and keep their businesse’s wheels turning, the amount we’re charging doesn’t leave room for ice cream. Ten bucks covers the cost of making the masks and keeping the wheels of life greased. This is a safety, food and shelter activity. And we’re looking forward to not needing to make these very soon. We will get back to our normal programming soon, in the meantime the weirdness calls for us to turn pro. 


This washable / re-usable mask is based on the classic surgical design with horizontal pleats that allow you to pull the top or bottom to fit your face. We use two elastic bands sewn horizontally, you can use the top and bottom or just the top band, allowing the bottom band to hang (Josh’s method for covering most of his beard). Rachel has modified hers but cutting the elastic loops and tying them back together forming ear loops, video to follow.

• 100% cotton

• Hand washable

• USPS First Class shipping will be charged

• Four options to purchase / donate


These are a Non-medical grade mask to help prevent the spread of viruses and germs. GOOD ART HLYWD does not claim this will prevent you from becoming infected or infecting others with illness. 

Please allow 3 business days for processing and shipping. 


1.) $10 for one mask ( covers our production cost)

2.) $20.00 for one mask + one donation mask 

3.) $10.00 Donation mask. If you don't need one but would like us to donate one. (You will not be shipped a mask)


Bracelet Size Guide

When measuring for a bracelet, use a soft tape measure, snug and low on your wrist, to get an exact measurement. You can figure out from there what size to order. The rule of thumb for the our bracelets has always been ‘if you can’t slip it over your hand the size is good’. 

Rubber Biscuit bands come in two sizes, S/M and L/XL. 



Comparable Size

15-16 cm
5.90-6.29 in. 
Extra Small
16-17 cm
6.29-6.69 in. 
17-18 cm
6.69-7.08 in.

18-19 cm

7.08-7.48 in. 
19-20 cm
7.48-7.87 in.
Extra Large


Ring Size Guide

Ring sizing is easy, especially if you go to a pro. If you can’t come see us in person, use the True Size chart below or go to your local jewelry store and tell them your friend in Los Angeles is making you a ring and needs to know your size. Most jewelers are more than happy to oblige. We’re happy to make 1/4 sizes if you need. A good rule of thumb is to measure your finger AND your knuckle to make sure you can slide your ring on & off easily. 

Finger Circumference
in MM








New Zealand




South America

46.8 4 6.75 H 7
48 4.5 8 I 8
49.3 5 9.25 J 1/2 9
50.6 5.5 10.5 K 1/2 10
51.9 6 11.75 L 1/2 12
53.1 6.5 13.25 M 1/2 13
54.4 7 14.5 N 1/2 14
55.7 7.5 15.75 O 1/2 15
57 8 17 P 1/2 16
58.3 8.5 18.25  Q 1/2 17
59.5 9 19.5 R 1/2 18
60.8 9.5 20.75 S 1/2 19
62.1 10 22 T 1/2 20
63.4 10.5 23.25 U 1/2 22
64.6 11 24.75 V 1/2 23
65.9 11.5 26 W 1/2 24
67.2 12 27.25 X 1/2 25
68.5 12.5 28.5 Z 26
69.7 13 29.75 27


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Shipping Rates

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We do not offer Complimentary Shipping to Australia or New Zealand. 

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