EZ~Slider | Brass

$ 125

When the BLB was done it was only a week before I knew it needed a companion piece. Where the BLB attaches literally to your belt loop, I still wanted to hang a wallet chain from the space between my first and second belt loops.

If you hang your chain from the first belt loop it might sit high and tight on your leg, if you're hanging from the second belt loop it might jingle louder than you want when you're walking. For me the sweet spot was just two fingers in front of the second belt loop, and that meant making a device that could slip over the belt itself.

The EZ~Slider can stretch or contract just enough to fit most any belt. Slide it to your spot and hang. The Noodle at the bottom fits the regular and jumbo Spring Rings, Clip 16’s and more.

Comes standard with brass split ring, choose installed or on the side.

Pictured with jumbo smooth Spring Ring

Brass. Made by hand in our Los Angeles foundry.

Spring Ring Upgrade:

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