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[featuredOverride height="540"]<iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/64652728" width="960" height="540" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>[/featuredOverride] [featured link="store/rings/sly-s-expendable-s-ring.html"] [image][/image] [title]The authentic Expendables Ring [/title] [blurb]Yep, this is the one Sly wears.[/blurb] [callout]now gimme my lucky ring [/callout] [/featured] [featured link="store/leather-goods-1/card-case.html"]


[title]leather snap card case [/title] [blurb]Hand-sewn veg dyed American steer, sterling snap.[/blurb] [callout]It's the details that'll keep you happy [/callout] [/featured] [featured link="store/rings/club-ring.html"] [image][/image] [title]the club ring[/title] [blurb]Classic American style, Old-world craftsmanship.[/blurb] [callout]Have one made for you[/callout] [/featured] [featured link="/store/bracelets/model-10-bracelet.html"] [image][/image] [title]the venerable model 10[/title] [blurb]Genuine American Luxury at its best.[/blurb] [callout]Don't have one yet, click here[/callout] [/featured] [featured link="/store/army-men.html"]


[title]army men[/title] [blurb]Sterling silver army men now available in 12 individual poses.[/blurb] [callout]Enlist [/callout] [/featured] [featured link="/store/miscellaneous/desk-skull.html"] [image][/image] [title]desk skull[/title] [blurb]For the man who has everything else. [/blurb] [callout]Have one made now[/callout] [/featured] [featured link="store/chains/rdc-rosary.html"] [image][/image] [title]traditional rdc rosary [/title] [blurb]Bless you.[/blurb] [callout]now you know what would Jesus do [/callout] [/featured] [limited][/limited]