Fairfax Tru Value Bracelet - A

$ 1,510

I’ve been going to swap meets since I was about 6 months old. My dad was an avid picker of trade stimulators, basically games that you could put in a bar to keep people there and entertained. He loves the old slot machines, and really anything coin operated from a hundred years ago. I watched (and assisted some) as he would rebuild these elaborate machines in our garage, from junk to pristine. With no electricity, just gears, cogs and springs, I was always amazed at how my dad could make these boxes of bits hum their mechanical ballet. I still have a good bunch of them and the wonder hasn’t faded a bit.

So, back to this bracelet. I still go to swap meets and look for inspiring gadgets or trinkets. Rach and I hit the Fairfax swap a bunch of Sunday’s each year. My folks went to Fairfax High, no wonder the place makes me think of Buddy and his spring-loaded contraptions. So here’s my new link, it’s a pretty basic Curb link, more open than the Model 10, B&T or the Curb Chain series. Here for this introduction of the new Fairfax link I’ve paired it with a bendy version the Tru Value.

Fairfax TV. The bracelet your dad would were if he was Fly aF and liked swap meets.

Sterling silver. Made by hand in our foundry in Los Angeles.


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