Model 10 Bracelet - B

$ 2,095

If you’ve had a look at the Model 10A and thought to yourself that you can handle something with a bit more heft and a bigger impression on your wrist... as they say, look no further. The B is just that, slightly more imposing, a little thicker up and down, side to side. If you’re at the A vs B crossroads of indecision, experience says get the B.

Important note; When sizing, measure your wrist with a soft measuring tape down low and snug, not tight. Thats the number. If you're in-between whole sizes, pick the next size up and we'll take it from there. Please fight the temptation to measure other things, especially other bracelets... just the wrist, that's all we need.

Sterling silver. Made by hand in our foundry in Los Angeles


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