In Harms Way Pendant

$ 525

To be in Harms way is a blessing. It's how I describe the experience of being swept up in the torrent of love and excitement only Greg could create. And almost ironically, as though a signature mark of being near, I always knew I was safe in Harms' care. I'm trying to describe a tremendous man who lived to share his wonder of life, a true custodian of adventure. Not a man of casual presence, a being with magnetism and selfless concern for those in his orbit.

I'm trying to find peace in saying so long for now. Thank you for the indelible marks you've left on us all you sweet and beautiful man. Thank you for the pushes beyond shallowly imagined limits. Thank you for the blanket of safety and love you wrapped us in. And thank for the constant reminder to live. To always send it. And to throw my hand in the air and say fuck yeah in solidarity for the important bits of life.. the time shared with those we love. 

Forever better for having been in Harms way. With love & humility, grief and excitement for better days ahead, I'm lucky to spread the love, adventure and spirit of our brother Greg Harms. Proceeds from these pendants will be put into a trust for baby Freja, here's to adventures yet to come. 

Love, Josh, Rachel & The Good Art Family


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