Claddagh Ring | Sterling Silver - Large

$ 595
Thank God for the Irish. Of course there’s lots more to it than that, but what a place to start. Many of my oldest, fiercest, most loyal and sharp witted family and friends wear their Celtic heritage proudly (and loudly). You seemingly don’t even have to be born there to be welcomed into the fold. This could be one of those if you know you know, things, but to the rye smiles of agreement, this one's for you.

If there’s no love in it, then there’s typically no use for it in my world. And a fresh look at something so familiar wasn’t the easiest thing. After five years of fits and starts I’ve landed at an interpretation of the venerable Claddagh ring good enough to honor this tribe I love so dearly. Wishing you the love, loyalty and  friendship of the Irish, should you be so lucky.

Made by hand in our foundry in Los Angeles. Two-tone version is a web exclusive for only.


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