Ages 80 and Younger


Our Armed Forces are comprised of some very specific and specifically proud groups. And they've got a lot to be proud of, membership in any branch puts you in an elite category. The rigors of qualification and acceptance are stiff and the standards high. I'm acknowledging this because it's an easy error for those not in the know to mistake a USN Petty Officer First Class for a Sargent from the three stripes they share. And while no offense might be intended, I do believe service in our Armed Forces deserves a fair amount of respect. Just as no Ranger wants to be called a Marine, I'm going to tread lightly here and make this clear, I'm about to use the name Army Men very loosely and a bit of latitude would be appreciated. And remember, I'm a lover not a fighter, the artsy sort. It's with all the whimsey I can muster that I'd like to introduce these little Army Men. The green plastic variety that is. True to the original Vietnam era Louis Marx & Co. toys I grew up with, these almost faithful replicas are cast in solid sterling silver and finished by hand until they've earned their stripes so to speak. Don't consider the price, the heft of the sterling silver or that I've lopped off their heads and replaced them with skulls, forget all that and I'd bet you couldn't tell them apart from the originals. They're that good. Toys, yes they are. Ages 80 and younger may now resume play.