The good strap

I made this clip & swivel years ago and didn’t get around to putting it to use. So here’s a fresh new twist on some cleverness that never really had a chance to catch on. These leather straps are the perfect size to clutch onto when you’re grabbing around your bag, or to slip your wrist through and securely swing as an extension of your arm. They feel great and the Model 7 clip at the end is aesthetic mechanical wizardry. Use it to attach to a clutch, wallet, camera, small case or keys. Go on, touch it.

Like a bull…

In a ChinaShop is the reference. For this years New York Fashion Week (NYFW if you’re in the know) we teamed up with our stylish friends at ChinaShop for their Fashion’s Night Out party. The event took place at Red Bull Space in Soho, music by AWOLNATION and check out Marina Bychova’s work, very cool. We were represented well and in good company. The ChinaShop site is worth a regular visit… maybe you caught the flattering write up or interview on yours truly??

Go Fast Looks Like This

Dear friend and race legend Derrick Walker recently added some of the fastest images available to Walker Racing’s #40 piloted by Speedy Dan Clarke. They’re running in the Firestone Indy Lights series with our GENUINE AMERICAN LUXURY motto helping the effort. It’s well known that the GOOD ART Round Skull is fast and beautiful. And equally incredible is Derrick Walker as team owner / manager to recognize the power of a truly aesthetic image. I’d also say we’re in good company there with Deans Knight, Wasteco and Ticketmaster, and honored to be included in the group. We and our friends wish Derrick and the team big go fast mojo in the series.

Reviving some old school

I dug up some old Interlace Ring molds the other day. They’re part of the Fractal creations line of jewelry created by Jesse Jerrell . A number of years back the line was acquired by Good Art and produced in our Santa Monica shop, primarily from cast Titanium. Truly amazing designs, and now-a-days the stuff of legends amongst piercing fans, with pieces regularly traded and highly coveted. These pieces were cast from the original molds in Sterling Silver and lovingly finished by hand (of course), shown in sizes 4ga, 2ga and 0ga. I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads right now. But I know there’s a few of you reading this who are completely stoked at the possibility of grabbing a pair.

Love a ruby

Made this Flourish ring and a matching one recently. A special order for some folks who were expecting something else (silly rabbits, this shit’s for clever kids). So it looks like these two are available, I’m just saying. The mens is a size 10, the ladies isn’t finished but could be in the 6 range, and it’s not a petite little thing. Ladies, you’ll have to really own this sucker. Gents, this is a ring that’s guaranteed to make you feel a bit taller.

Say goobye to my lil fren

It’s been a great run, but the time has come for this love machine to move on to her next master. The Hypermotard is all heart and muscle, it’s one of the great bikes. I could be a bit sad about seeing it go, but I had a bitchen time while it was my turn, so no regrets here. Next is something built for more seat time and with my lady on the back… hello Multistrada. As much as the next guy (maybe more), I think cool stuff is cool, but you can only use so much, and there’s a point when it becomes even cooler to share. This bike went to a good home, and she’s immortalized in the DNA annals of facebook. Arrivederci bellissima.

3 Skulls are better than none

Seems I forgot to squeeze out this additional bit of HLYWD trivia from my post about Sly’s Expendables. I’ve been a fan of vegetable-dyed, hand sewn leather goods ever since my friend Eldon bestowed its few but exceptional virtues upon me. The stuff we use is made primarily for saddlery and tack gear, it’s a little stiff and a bit unforgiving at the start, but once you get some wear under your belt (so to speak) you’ll have yourself a leather piece to last a lifetime that feels as comforting as your grandpa’s hands ever did. There’s nothing like a perfectly worn wallet or key chain to make you feel at home until you get there. So that’s why we make things this way. We get our hides from a tannery that’s been doing it the same way for 140 years. No chromium, no weird caustic chemicals, just vegetable dyes in pots in the forest. We cut and punch everything out by hand and use two needles and thread to pull it all together. Earnest and study are the orders of the day when we’re making something from leather. And this Single Buckle Triple Skull leather bracelet is no exception. Start to finish, made by hand, cut and sewn, the Sterling Silver pieces cast right here in our little foundry, this like everything we make, is the genuine article. Expensive? No. Does it cost a lot, yep. But if this helps any, Sly can be seen wearing one most every day, and that includes in his latest movie. So if you want me to make you one too, go here.

Sly’s Expendables

Always up for a good fight and with a flair for going over the top, Sly classed up the screen this month with some GOOD ART in the release of The Expendables movie. I’m so glad that in a world of skinny jeans and latte’s, Stallone has the gumption to single-handedly keep lit the torch of mega action films. You go Rambo, er Rocky! You see what I mean, he’s not just legendary, he’s a bunch of legends. His lucky ring is a custom GA job; a large rose-topped Sugar Skull in Sterling & 22KT gold with propeller blades for eyes, lightening bolt brows, sticks of dynamite for cross bones and a bomb for a third eye. Subtle. What you won’t see in the movie is this huge bracelet I didn’t get done in time.

You want in on this action? Get your own right here!

I’ll shrink your fucking head

Not really, but this Jack Skull #11 sure does look the part. It’s a an epic piece, approaching two pounds of Sterling Silver, this little fella was polished and beaten into submission by a five foot 3 inch Honduran. Fit for the desk of any endeavoring pirate, this one’s already found a home, watching over a friend’s office, but I’ll gladly boil up a few more for those with a yearning.