Sly’s Expendables

by JW
August 20, 2010 - 7:24 PM

Always up for a good fight and with a flair for going over the top, Sly classed up the screen this month with some GOOD ART in the release of The Expendables movie. I’m so glad that in a world of skinny jeans and latte’s, Stallone has the gumption to single-handedly keep lit the torch of mega action films. You go Rambo, er Rocky! You see what I mean, he’s not just legendary, he’s a bunch of legends. His lucky ring is a custom GA job; a large rose-topped Sugar Skull in Sterling & 22KT gold with propeller blades for eyes, lightening bolt brows, sticks of dynamite for cross bones and a bomb for a third eye. Subtle. What you won’t see in the movie is this huge bracelet I didn’t get done in time.

You want in on this action? Get your own right here!


27 thoughts on “Sly’s Expendables

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  2. Thought the movie was cool, I’m a Sly fan and would love to buy one of those goodluck rings. I’m a ring collector so.. double whammy. Can you let me know if they sell to the public please. Thanks.

  3. Cormac the bracelet Mickey Rourke is wearing is not GOOD ART, the pieces we have in the movie are the Lucky Ring and the Triple Skull Leather Bracelet that Sly is wearing.

  4. hey im a big fan of sly and da only possible thing i can think of to have in da near future is one of these skull rings so plz let me knw how 2 have 1.

  5. kunt u mij op de hoogte houden wanneer de geluksring van Silvester in de film the expendables te koop is, het hoeft niet de orginele ring te zijn, maar wel de look a like. en de enorme armband die niet voorkomt in de film. alvast bedankt.

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  7. Huge fan of sly. My son loved this ring and would love on. Please let me know when and if it becomes available. I would love to get him one. This movie was one of the BEST!!! Thanks

  8. OK…so I see that people are posting pictures of themselves with “Slys” lucky ring from the movie The Expendables… is it for sale now? I’ve read that you were waiting for permission from “Sly’s camp” so has it been cleared?

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